What is The Night Wish Group?

We are a community-based Media and Entertainment Group with the common objective of attracting more tourists to Pattaya. 

We strive to ensure the vibrant nightlife scene in Pattaya is kept alive, offer the best possible customer service as well as helping to provide a safe and truly enjoyable visit to Pattaya.

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“We want to promote Pattaya, promote Soi 6, promote people, teach and train.  Together we rise together,  a rising tide floats all boats” – CEO Bryan Flowers

Night Wish Group is a group of 29 bars operated by a team of decent and honest guys that fell in love with Pattaya and the girls we have been fortunate to meet along the way. We have all chosen to dedicate our lives to Pattaya, invested our money, time and many have started families in Pattaya, creating generational roots. 

It’s in our interests of longevity here to serve our customers as best we can and to increase our recruitment efforts.

We are a very diverse entity. Not only an entertainment group, but we are also a media business with the largest social media and online reach for Pattaya based traffic.

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Due to the continued efforts of our dedicated team, the incredibly positive support of our patrons and many individuals wanting to be part of our community, we are possibly evolving into an investment group. 

To be clear, we make the promise and will warrant that we are only investing money into our own projects that we have 100% control of. Only into proven businesses that we consider are low risk for our business model, which are businesses catering to tourists in the Pattaya area.

Thanks to our loyal following, we have been able to expand and employ more people than ever before to fill people’s dreams. 

With this critical mass, we are able to employ more hostesses with considerable job security offered. 

We are offering more information online than any other Pattaya business or group that we know of, for example, we have 3 people working on PattayaUnplugged.com Feel free to contact the team anytime should you want anything covered or published that meets our journalistic standards and focus. Send us a message if you have some content that you have written and any feedback or suggestions. Nothing would be unwelcome.

One of the most important prerequisites of joining our team is loving Pattaya, Soi 6 and the services that we provide. We want people in our business that are positive about the nightlife scene, about the city of Pattaya and living in Thailand. We do our best to filter job applicants from people that just want to use us (and our customers) to extend their stay, we need to be completely genuine towards the customers we serve. 

If we all love what we do, then we can give so much more than would ordinarily be expected.

As we grow in size we are able to employ more people in all aspects of our businesses. We are able to contribute greatly to keeping the scene stay alive, have many more ladies coming to town. We help the local authorities, we offer deep respect to the local culture and ethics, and because we have partnerships with important local Thais, we are able to continue doing business. 

rising together

A lot of people in the industry may not understand or fundamentally grasp how important it is to support the local ecosystem, some business owners think it’s a win not to help but everyone needs to benefit from the nightlife industry – or it’s under threat.

vag and bryan night wish group
Founder Bryan And General Manager Vag

Frequently Asked Questions – Answered by CEO Bryan Flowers

Why are we called Night Wish Group (NWG)?

Our first bar was Night Wish Bar on Soi 6. 

After buying several more bars, our customers started to call us the “Night Wish Group”,  we have simply adopted that name. We abbreviate it to NWG or NW Group too.

What is Soi Night Wish?

Over the years customers, landlords, local Thais, police and other tourists have named Soi 6 as Soi Night Wish, (short for Night Wish Group) due to the fact we have a large presence on the soi. We have never claimed to own the soi or label it as our own, but people will call Soi 6 how they wish and it’s not to be taken seriously, I think it’s only intended as a bit of fun.

How can you help?

If you would like to help us, (and future customers) we appreciate feedback or any suggestions on how we can offer everyone a better experience. Our goal is to always look at adding more value or extending our services where appropriate. Our team is diverse in skillsets, has strong work ethics and are very adaptive and flexible as our expansion has proved. That said, we can willingly make improvements and offer flexible VIP tailored packages to suit individual needs.

What is highly appreciated is the free promotion of our company, our pictures or logo posted online or in any print media. Our most powerful tool is word of mouth from our customers which is fabulous, especially when taken across the language barriers of our diverse client base.

What is the plan for NWG?

We shall keep reinvesting our profits into helping promote Pattaya more. NWG currently funds the server costs for three forums, we directly support three YouTubers and are involved in many Facebook groups. By having control over most of our Social Media, we strive to bring more people to Pattaya to enjoy the nightlife, which in turn helps keep it alive for everyone. It also helps our business grow; we can continue being responsible business owners listening to feedback. Our focus is on keeping our patrons safe and doing our best to promote the NWG message across several languages to ensure a rock-solid customer base. 

There are many generous people and existing clients helping us in different languages and social media sites across many geographic regions already. 

Whilst PattayaUnplugged.com is a great expense for us as a media platform, we really want to promote Pattaya and in return we believe we will be rewarded as we grow. We are looking for more guest posts for “Pattaya Unplugged”, we have people working on that full time and others part-time. Please feel free to contact the website for ideas, suggestions, anything you want covered or maybe you want to write to promote your business and yourself.

What’s the next stages for NWG growth?

We want to focus on our core values which is running our business ethically, honestly and transparently, working with decent people in the nightlife industry in Pattaya. 

By using our social media reach to promote girls, businesses and our bars without bias or conflict, we show a genuine positivity that people deserve to see. Night Wish Group has a great team, sophisticated internal processes and management, and the incredible backing from loyal and successful customers. 

Having proven processes that have given us the planned growth and profitability over seven years, we are now ready to accept external investment, one at a time. (The investment is for growth only, and applied to opportunities as they arise) A proven track record and years of operational data can attest to that.

Our Values, Promises and Mission

  • To treat our front line staff with respect and support

  • To grow with more locations and improve our operations to offer customers better value, security, choice and service

  • Continue to help and work with local charities

  • Keeping strong relationships with the locals to help the nightlife scene continue to thrive

  • To reinvest into our community by offering information online

Why is NWG market leaders and a solid business? (we have had zero lenders/investors from our adverts, so we removed them)

  1. Our Partners/investors get paid all year round, without fail even throughout the “low season”
  2. NWG has invested a large portion of free cash flow & profit into the overall expansion and renovations and continues to do so
  3. The business has full transparency and we are very open and honest about our intentions
  4. We only invest in our own businesses and assets that we operate with full control
  5. We do not take risks or offer cash to other business investments or take undue or uncalculated risks with your money
  6. All of our investors (6 in total) / managers / core team are completely approachable and honest
  7. We have been successfully operating for seven years profitably, which includes many unexpected natural disasters, political events, currency fluctuations, visa changes, law changes, crackdowns and inevitable rent increases.
  8. We have a strong resilient, adaptive team that are prepared to change with market movements
  9. We have deep foundational roots in Pattaya. With over 500 staff employed, a huge online presence, continuous support of local charities and owning the largest Pattaya news and the largest Pattaya forum. Also, we have over 400+ motorbike Taxi drivers wearing our logo (which wasn’t easy to organise!) we also have the support of two local Thai motorcycle clubs, who have provided security guards when required. We also help their charity efforts.
  10. We have over 400 girls working in our company, which is a great thing to be part of and associated with. 
  11. We treat our staff with respect and with the care that they deserve.
  12. Our team is decent and honest, so we attract decent girls, decent managers and decent customers, together we are all successful.
  13. We have no potential partnership issues, our investors are silent and we run our company by choosing talented people within our company. No unnecessary baggage.
  14. We love the Pattaya “nightlife” and we don’t do this for huge profits. It is true that we do charge more than some others, however, we have a brand promise to achieve, higher costs, higher acquisition costs and we are priced appropriately to pay everyone fairly and to grow our company against a tide of doom and gloom. We invest heavily in Pattaya, with local charities too. Our strategy is to employ more hostesses than ever, and our profitable businesses are helping us grow our sales, attract quality people, thrive and expand in a market that is said to be suffering. Night Wish Group is planning to stay around forever and that has a price
  15. Our company leader is always educating himself, applying it to the business, teaching those around him and keeping a growth mindset company culture. His goal is to try to make everyone in the company better versions of themselves. We will always be growing, improving, adapting and thriving. We believe if you are growing as a company, that daily effort and pushing will protect you from potential failure.
  16. You can meet, chat or contact all of our partners, we have always been transparent about who has invested
  17. NWG has invested a large portion of free cash flow & profit into the overall expansion and renovations and continues to do so

What is one thing that you wish for NWG to progress to?

I believe in heavy self-education & development, by educating those around us and rising everyone together, I really want our company to educate our staff more. 

More basic training all around, more guidelines, to improve our customer service. We are already asking our upper-level staff to do daily habit-forming checklists, job lists and productive meetings.  As a big company, we are always trying to improve the way we work internally and improving our communication channels to make them more efficient and faster. Everything we do makes us able to serve our customers better, adapt quickly and grow to meet the demand that our company gets.

I would love it if we could teach the girls to manage their money better, learn better English and help them learn and plan more for their future.  We already help girls that are found to be taking drugs rather than throw them out instantly. They often appreciate the family support that a lot of them need away from home,  we have enough recruiters, head cashier and someone following up on them daily, as well as their manager and bar cashier.

Due to the size of our company, we already have a lot of skills in management, recruitment and training, we could easily progress to a recruitment company, management consulting or possibly a training company one day.

One serious option is to buy commercial properties in Pattaya, which would be a natural choice, but with a 5% yield and little cashflow on the potential return,  we won’t do that right now. Using our free cash flow and profit we are currently trying to buy more bars to add to the core operating group. The property play would need a heavy investor we can trust with long term thinking.

The best alternative choices that we do have is a NightClub or Gogo contract management deal or direct ownership. That said, we are doing very well managing bars, so that idea will be in the future unless we were approached with a deal or an offer from a motivated seller that makes sense to our team. 

Check Our Management Page For More Info

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Our Goal

Our goal is to listen to our customers, adapt and lead the market. We aim to have at least 20 hostesses per bar. We will expand our business into different areas of Pattaya doing our best to keep all bars fully staffed and professional.  We continue to improve, adapt and put systems in place.

About Us

We are just a bunch of guys that enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya and we decided to follow our passion and make a living from this organised chaos. We currently have 27 bars.  There are around 31 foreigners making a living from our businesses and around 539 Thais. (last count October 2019) We have a strong loyal following because we care about everyone inside our business including going out of our way for our customers.

Night Wish Group – A reach of over 4.3m people per month

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Wrath Soi 6 Pattaya

Today is our cashier Siri’s birthday party, come and celebrate her in Wrath bar ❤️

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Mod’s Bar Soi 6 Pattaya

Current Bar List – 28 Bars

Soi 6 – we have hyperlinked to all of the relevant Facebook pages

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Exotica Bar
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Roxy Bar
Foxy bar
Kawaii bar
Butterfly bar
Where Angel’s play
Horny bar
Pussy club
Nature bar
Play pen
Night wish bar
Toy box

Soi Chaiyaboon

Blue bar
Bunny Club – not open yet

Soi Bongkok 8

Club sin

Pattaya Unplugged is owned by NWG but with independent writers.
The Pattaya News founders are partners in NWG