Night Wish Expansion and Opportunities – Update July 2019

We are looking at expanding into other areas of Pattaya, other groups of bars, night clubs or gogos. Our team is ready for new management opportunities, we do not currently manage other peoples premises, but we are ready to sit down and talk. We have all the resources, processes, systems and team to take on one bar a month comfortably.

We will consider bars, gogos, night clubs, soapies and other medium/large size businesses. But they must be in the Pattaya area and human-centric businesses. We are more interested in distressed turn key businesses, where we can get control of the assets without cash injections, just use our resources, time, systems and processes, fix it and have the option to buy later.

We are currently up to 26 bars at the moment, and we are looking at at least 4-7 more bars right now. Over the years many guys have asked us if they can invest 1 or 2 m THB into our group, but we have always said no because of the way we are structured, we have been growing Night Wish group for the last 7 years with very few investors (7 of us in total including me) and mostly organically, but now we are ready to expand at a faster pace,  we have now come up with the idea of people financing our bars/projects and use the lease as security, we can offer 12% PA. (5 million baht minimum)

We are limiting this offer because we are only buying 1-2 bars per time and we will accept money as we need it not before. We are looking for guys that are proud to be part of our success, meet certain criteria and are suitable to be part of our brand. We are also planning to start buying property as part of our portfolio soon.

We are offering a fixed 12% interest per annum.

We are also interested in the idea of taking on distressed medium/large businesses (entertainment preferred but we have teams for other businesses) by using our entire management, systems, processes, resources (our core team is around 18 people now,  with 23 managers, 35 cashiers, 8 security, 2 photographers, 3 social media, 1 graphic designer etc with over 537 staff in total) with possibly of us buying the businesses later on.   Ideally night clubs, gogos or groups of bars (in Pattaya only.)

We are using the money for Pattaya based bars/gogos only. (expansion into the same industry)

Please contact us on our Facebook Page if you are interested and we can meet in Pattaya.  We currently need around 17m to buy the (leases) bars we have waiting