Managing NWG Bars In Pattaya

If you would like to manage one of our bars please read this document first, then speak to our managers after 4 pm but before 9 pm. We are always buying new bars and we have many great opportunities in our fast expanding company.

We are looking for friendly, entertaining, positive people that will be able to offer our customers a better experience and reflect our brand. We will consider all nationalities, but we employ mostly Westerners for this job because our customers are mostly Westerners.

We are ideally looking for people from United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Norway, USA, French, Belgium, Germany, China, Korea, Japanese, but we are open to ideas. The roles are to reflect our customer base.

Cashiers, Security, and Recruiters

We advertise all these jobs in Thai language, but if you have some friends and family that would like to work for us, please ask them to contact one of our cashiers or you can message any of our bar pages because they are closely monitored. Thank you