We are a large group of 29 bars in Pattaya, Thailand

23 of those bars are on Soi 6 in Pattaya. We have over 400+ hostess girls

Please check our Social media pages for pictures of our ladies

Night Wish Group – On Facebook

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For more information about Pattaya City in Thailand, you can sign up to the largest Pattaya forum Pattaya Addicts Forum (nightlife based forum) and ask questions about where to stay and where to eat. (there are 157,000 members on there)

How to get from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya City

We also have another website that we use to promote Pattaya – Pattaya Unplugged

You can read more about our story here https://nightwish-group.com/


living the dream pattaya

Current Bar List – 28 Bars

Soi 6 – we have hyperlinked to all of the relevant Facebook pages

Mods Bar
Sexy in the city
Exotica Bar
Offshore bar
Roxy Bar
Foxy bar
Kawaii bar
Butterfly bar
Where Angel’s play
Horny bar
Pussy club
Nature bar
Play pen
Night wish bar
Toy box
Maggie Choos

Soi Chaiyaboon

Blue bar
Bunny Club – not open yet

Soi Bongkok 8

Club sin