Due to flight restrictions and a lack of customers.  We have allowed our girls to do live streaming from their phones, so their customers can buy them drinks and interact.

We are dropping LIVE stream urls in our main facebook page as they are happening.  https://www.facebook.com/Soi6bargroup/

Our bar pages are all linked to on that page, you can follow those pages to get alerts when LIVE streaming is occurring.

We have just started Youtube Channels but due to restrictions, we need to get 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours to be able to use super chat.  The Youtube Channels are secondary to the Facebook live streams at the moment,  but they will get better slowly.

Please help us by subscribing, liking and sharing any good streams that you think others will enjoy,  the girls are new to this and we promise to get better.  Please use the contact us form if you want to ring any bells, private chat or any specific requests.  (no private shows or nudity)

Mods Bar FB PageMods Bar Youtube Channel

Mods Bar Facebook Stream Live (or previous one)

Exotica Bar FB PageExotica Bar Youtube Channel

Exotica has a new Facebook page, so we won’t have any LIVE Streams for now.

Sexy In The City FB PageSexy In The City Youtube Channel

Kawaii Bar FB PageKawaii Bar Youtube Channel

Where Angels Play FB PageWAP Youtube Channel

Play Pen FB PagePlayPen Youtube Channel

Avarice Bar FB PageAvarice Youtube Channel

Pussy Club staff are now at repent,  They are using the OffShore Facebook Page and they have a new Pussy Club  Youtube Channel

insert offshore

Wrath FB PageWrath Youtube Channel

Horny Bar FB PageHorny Bar Youtube Channel

Toy Box FB PageToy Box Youtube Channel

Night Wish FB PageNight Wish Youtube Channel

Seduction FB page – Seduction Youtube Channel

Night Wish Groups main Youtube Channel – Featured in different bars